I want to address a question I have gotten a lot recently. (I am sure it has a lot to do with the hit show Sons of Anarchy) It is from people who want to start new Motorcycle Clubs. They want to know if they should go to the predominate MCs in their area to talk about starting a new MC first. Many have said to me they do not understand the reason why they should go talk to them! Some have even gone as far as to say that if they have to go to the predominate MC in their area and ask permission that just proves that MC is a Criminal Gang! Not sure how they came to that conclusion but they are some very strong words sent over the computer.

I want everyone to remember I am writing this info as a guideline to those who are looking to get into the MC world and individual results may vary. This maybe some new fad to you but to true Motorcycle Club Members this world is everything!

For my answer to this Question I am going to put aside any statements of having to ask permission of the MCs in your area first. I am going to instead ask why would you not speak to the MCs in your area and get their Blessing first before starting a new Motorcycle Club. Many say it’s because they are going to start a different type of Motorcycle Club. They may even be calling themselves something different like a Riding Club or a Motorcycle Association. Are your Members going to ride Motorcycles and have patches on their vests? If the answer is yes, Then again why not go speak to those who have come before you and paved the roads you now wish to ride down!

For many I know the reason they don’t want to ask is simple fear! Fear of what they do not know or what they think they do know. If it is fear, then it is because you do not know the real Motorcycle Club world! Now every Motorcycle Club in the world is different. But most Motorcycle Clubs don’t mind helping to get a new MC started and teach them what it really means to be in a Motorcycle Club, I can guarantee you it is something you will not learn on TV no matter how many episodes you may watch!

Now if you have decided that what you really want is to start up a new Motorcycle Club, One thing I want to make sure you know is something every Father should have taught his Son as a Child and that is “Do not lie and Always do what you say you are going to do” One fact I will also give you is the MC world is all about Respect! If you just start up a new MC without talking to the other clubs in your area that will most likely be seen as disrespectful!

Let’s think about some other reasons you would want to talk to the MCs in your area first. You are going to want to make sure your new Patch or MC name is not similar to another Motorcycle Club. Many MCs have worked hard over the years to create a name and image for themselves. They will not like the idea of you either using a name close to theirs or wearing a patch that looks like theirs. The reason being is a simple one, They do not want you being mistaken for them doing anything that would make them look bad. You also could be seen as trying to ride on their coat tails by using the reputation they have worked hard for. You may not understand it now but the MC world is a Brotherhood and if you are fortunate enough to be welcomed into it, You will understand after years of working hard creating a name for your MC. The bottom line is meeting with the MCs in your area and talking with them before starting a new MC is the right thing to do!

Another fear many have is they wrongly believe they will be forced to do things for these other MC’s. The only thing most Clubs may ask of you is to come to a few of their events each year have fun and again to show Respect!!!

Now I have heard complaints from many that there are areas where the MCs have decided they do not want any more new MCs! Well all I can do is guess why that might be! The reason I would think that Motorcycle Clubs would say no more Clubs in an area is that there are already a lot of different MCs in that area and they all get along real well. These MCs would not want anything new coming in and messing up the harmony they have created.

Now like I said before the reason most say they want to start a new MC is because they want to start something different then what is in that area. Well often that is not the truth. The real reason People usually want to start a new MC is because they do not want to have to Prospect! If the only reason you want to start a new MC is because you are not willing to prospect, My best advice to you is to stay an independent rider because you will not last long in the Motorcycle Club world anyway!

I am Your Bro LJ James AmericanBikerX.com

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