by Wayne Allen

When I was a young man I would hike and camp under the stars. I loved to go places I had never been before. But I will admit as I am a bit older now, I do enjoy R.V. camping.

RV’s are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. The smallest is a camper shell that fits in the back of a pick-up truck. Although they may be small there is a lot of convenience in a very small area.

The next step up is a van conversion. A class B motor home is simply a cargo van that is used as a camping vehicle. Sometimes the roof is raised a bit to offer head room.

The class C motor home looks like a pick-up in the front end. There is a sleeping area over the cab, the back end looks like a motor home. The class C has all the comforts of home. A bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. You could live comfortable in a class C motorhome.

The next larger version is the class A. These motor homes are like a mini one bedroom apartment, the roomiest of all the RV’s. They are completely self contained from the queen sized bed to the dinette that seats four people in luxury.

Class A motor homes are equipped with a refrigerator and stove, some even have a microwave oven. There may even be an ice maker, some models are capable of producing 20 pounds a day.

There are also travel trailers that hook to a regular trailer hitch and have a pop up top. If you would like to go a little larger there is the 5 wheel trailer that is towed through a hitch in the bed of a pick-up. Either of these two choices are very extravagant and they are much cheaper than a motor home.

If you are not sure that camping is for you, start off small maybe even a used camper to get the feel of the situation. But which ever way you decide to go you should learn all you can about RV’ing before hand. There are RV forums online that you can ask question of and receive a lot of free and valuable information.

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