If you have ever dreamed about a career in the field of automotive and did not want to get into the aspect of repairs, then service adviser training may be the answer.

Service consulting is a very popular and ever growing career. There are many different factors that go in to such a job and anyone who is in possession of communication skills is a good candidate. After all, you will be required to talk to customers every day and handle many different administrative tasks as well.

The most important job of an advisor is to sit and listen to each customer’s concerns, wants, and needs while being able to read between the lines and interpret the actual message that they are trying to convey.

Of course with any type of highly skilled position there will be plenty of education and training that will come along. The most vital certification that you will have to acquire is that of the NATEF. You will definitely be required to obtain that credential and some of the dealerships will also ask that you also obtain an ASE certification.

Facts about the duties

Once you have gotten all of the service adviser training certification that you need then you will also need to get a little time under your belt. The requirement of two years at a dealership along with general knowledge of the automotive technology field is a must in order to be successful at this job. There will also be many of specified duties that will have to be carried out.

Extended hours will be one thing that you have to get used to. Most dealerships will require that you come early and stay late each and every day. Being able to deal with such a hectic schedule is crucial to this type of work.

The customer will be the most important part of your job. You always have to put each client first and make them feel as if they are top priority. There will be appointments that have to be kept and other scheduled activities that need to be upheld.

Since there will be so much scheduling and paperwork that is involved having good organization skills will be important. There is no tolerance in any dealership for shabby administrative skills as the book work will be very unforgiving.

If a job is delayed or there is a problem with a part, then it will be your sole responsibility to contact everyone involved and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the progress of the job. If a customer does not understand what the repair entails then you are in charge of explaining things.

Becoming an adviser training will require a lot of dedication from you. You really can’t pass this job up after the service adviser trainer. The best thing will be that at the end of the day you can go home with a great sense of accomplishment.