Before you decide to get car insurance, it?s important to know a little bit about insurer investments. Every car insurance company looks at their customers as either bad investments, or good investments. If you are a good investment you will end up getting much lower rates. This is because you are a lower risk for your insurance company.

There are several different factors that your car insurance company takes into consideration when determining how much of a risk you are. Younger drivers, for example, have higher insurance costs than older drivers. Younger drivers have less experience driving and get into more accidents, so it only makes sense that their insurance will cost more. Studies have shown that young men get into more accidents than young women, so their costs are often even more expensive. After a few years of driving experience without any accidents the rates for these individuals should subside.

The biggest factor that agents look for when determining their investment in you is your driving record. If you have several claims on your record your rates will skyrocket. The insurance company will see you as a higher risk compared to someone who has no claims at all. Some drivers will not report small accidents since they know their insurance costs will cost more than the repairs.

When you apply for car insurance the agent will ask what type of car you drive. Even this determines the type of rates you can expect. Sports cars will have much higher insurance costs than regular cars because they get into accidents more frequently than other cars and they cost more to repair. Always remember that any add-ons you put on your vehicle won?t be compensated for if they are ruined in an accident. If you are looking for lower rates drive a standard car or truck.

This may come as a surprise to you but your neighborhood can also greatly impact your insurance premium. An insurance agent will take your zip code and factor it into your policy. You can expect your insurance rates to be higher if you live in the city or if you live in a high crime area. This is because more people file claims due to theft and vandalism. College students will often use their parents address rather than the schools to help them avoid increased premiums.

Good drivers and people who have been with an insurance company for many years can often get good rates. These low risk drives have proven that they drive safely and stay out of accidents, so they are more likely to make money for the insurance company rather than take it away. You can also try taking out several different types of insurance with one company. They will give you lower rates since your overall risk factor is staying the same and they are making more money from you. Companies are always looking for good investments, so make sure you are doing everything you can to be low risk.

Graham McKenzie is the content syndication coordinator for South Arica?s leading car insurance portal.