Hybrid cars are the green cars for today and the next age. With the environment-friendly drivers thronging to get the latest in cars, that is, the hybrid cars, the demand for hybrids is on the rise. But, before you go out to get a pick, keep in mind the factors to get the best hybrid car.

Hybrid car is a viable option only if you will be using it for a good number of years, which means at least 10 years. If you purchase a hybrid for anything less than that, then you are not making such a big difference to the environment, while you are going really heavy on your pocket. The upfront cost of hybrids is quite a lot. A small hybrid car will cost from $21,000 up to $26,000, whereas larger sedans cost around $30,000. Also, keep in mind the average maintenance costs of the vehicles. The bottom line to choosing the hybrid vehicle is the price. How much can you afford? Check out the payment plan, upfront costs along with the monthly instalments. Does this fit your financial plan?

A mild hybrid also has two power sources, a petrol engine and an electric motor. Both the power sources simultaneously provide power to the car. Because there are two power sources powering the car, the petrol engine used is smaller. Therefore, the fuel consumption is less. A mild hybrid does not run on just one power source. If you run out of fuel, the electric motor may not get you to a pump as the batteries will get discharged. It is the petrol engine that charges the batteries.

Hybrid cars cost more than conventional cars, and there could be a waiting period before your car is delivered. The main and most costly component in a hybrid car is the batteries that drive the electric motor or motors. A hybrid may have a single electric motor or up to three electric motors. This depends on the make and model of the car. The batteries of a hybrid use regenerative braking power and the coasting power of the petrol engine to charge the batteries. You do not have to plug in a hybrid to recharge the batteries.

If you are buying a brand new hybrid, you will get an eight to ten year warranty for the batteries. The rest of the car will have the normal three or five year warranty that is given by the manufacturer. If you are opting to buy a second hand hybrid, you must check how old it is.

Nearly all of the big automobile developing corporations like Honda and Toyota are manufacturing hybrid automobiles. They are cheaper than the standard automobiles when it comes to maintaining it. They are made to work in every kind of climate like usual automobiles.

Ensure that you are comfortable in your new hybrid. Drive around and see how it feels; see if it is this really your dream car? Do you want to own it for the next 10 years?

If things go well, who knows that by 2020, hybrid cars by hybrid leaders such as Toyota and Honda will be seen on roads, in garages and parking lots?

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