It’s important to remember where you will be riding it and what kind of use it will get when you are looking for a scooter that fits you best. Rather than just go for the cheapest scooter and disregard other factors, it’ s always better to consider first what type of scooter will fits best with how you plan to use it and where you will be riding it.

The most common way to advertise the size of a scooter is by stating the engine displacement. This is the biggest factor in determining how the scooter will perform. Most scooters are 150cc, which means their engine has a displacement of 150 cubic centimeters. These scooters will usually get up to about 55 mph quite easily. 50cc scooters have one third the displacement, and will normally get up to just 35 mph most of the time.

Most any smaller scooter would fit you just fine if you plan on riding only on small residential streets. Either a 150cc or a 50cc scooter would give you enough power to go where you need to go. You can keep up with traffic even with a smaller 50cc scooter, since the speed limit on small streets is usually just 25 mph.

You should definitely consider getting a scooter that has more power and can carry you significantly faster than the smaller 50cc scooters if you plan on riding on larger streets where the speed limit is over 25 mph, . It would be best for you to go for anything that goes at least 45 mph so you can keep up with traffic. That generally means a 125cc or a 150cc scooter. A 150cc is your best bet because 125cc scooters are not very common.

Many people who choose to go with a 50cc scooter so that they can commute to work or school on busier streets are quickly disappointed when they realize that their new scooter will not keep up with traffic. If your scooter is not at least 125cc, you cannot even legally ride it on any street that has a speed limit of over 25mph in most states. That greatly decreases the functionality of your scooter and severely limits you in where you can ride.

If you are considering a 50cc scooter because you think that a 150cc scooter might be too dangerous because it might go to fast for you, you might want to consider that the biggest reason why scooter riders get in accidents is that they cannot keep up with traffic or speed up to get out of the way of other cars. A smaller scooter is the biggest victim in such incidences, because larger scooters can get out of the way. You most definitely do not have to always ride fast if you have a bigger scooter, but you can of course go faster if the need arises.

Most people who prefer a scooter that stays as slower speeds are also basing their mindset off of a past experience they had when they practiced riding a larger scooter. They possibly felt that it was really hard to control or had too much power for them. Many people feel the same way at first, but after only a couple hours of riding, they realize that it is not that difficult and can can be controlled just as easily as a smaller scooter.

If you are unsure about which scooter to go with still, just find a person that has either a 50cc or a 150cc scooter and try riding it around a little bit. Just remember that 90% of all people prefer a 150cc scooter, so even if you have not ridden one before, you can know that you probably fall in that category and will be quite happy with your scooter if you opt for a larger engine.

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