There are many different career paths within an automotive industry. In a car dealership there are many exciting departments and areas to work in. You will find a variety of positions and some of them are customer based and others are not. If you are interested in working in a dealership with cars and trucks, then discover what this field has to offer.

It takes about four years to become a mechanic and most start out as apprentice. This means that you are given easy car repair jobs and only assist with the major work. Most often a person will have to take a program through a college as well as work as an apprentice. Sometimes the dealership will pay for the employee to go and do their training, while other times it has to be paid for by the individual.

Mechanics can make great money, they are either paid a salary and bonus, or they work exclusively on bonus only. That means they only get paid for the jobs that they do. A busy day can earn lots of money potential, while a slower day may not bring much money in.

A service adviser is responsible for taking care of customers and handling work orders. The mechanics will let the adviser know what is wrong with the car and what is recommended for service. The adviser has the responsibility of telling the customer about the mechanics concerns as well as helping the customer stay on top of their maintenance. It is crucial for the adviser to have a good relationship with the client and help them from start to finish with their car’s needs.

For a fast paced environment you could try working in a parts department. This is a place that all the mechanics come to when they require parts for their repairs. It has be be well stocked and neatly organized. When parts are needed, the parts staff need to know how to track them down and have them delivered.

A rewarding position could be a car sales job. This job entails selling cars and ensuring that customers are happy. If you enjoy cars and think that you could sell them, then this area could be for you. They could be salary or paid by the amount of cars sold during the month. Selling cars involves creating a relationship with them and helping them decide on a car and its options. In the end, the customer will leave happy and you will continue doing your job.

Managers in each department are responsible for the staff in their area. They need to make sure that staff are doing their job and are meeting their targets. Monthly meetings are always conducted to keep the dealership effective at making profits.

If you are thinking about an automotive career, then knowing which one sounds the most appealing may be a good start. There are lots of jobs to pick through and they all have various levels. There is room for advancement in a dealership if you possess good work ethics and enjoy the job you have. The more experience you have at a certain position may make you eligible for manager positions.

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