Every driver is unique and has their personal reasons for why, when, and how much they drive their car. Because it is the law that you have to have insurance before you drive a car, it is important that you find the best policy that meets your particular insurance needs. If you are a driver that only takes your car on short excursions, you have probably realized that you seem to be paying more for your car insurance than the amount of time you actually spend on the road.

It can seem unfair that you have to spend as much money on insurance as someone who drives many more miles than you do. Many insurance companies have realized this mileage disparity and have come up with an innovative way for drivers who have low mileage to pay less for their insurance. The Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance program is now emerging as a popular choice for drivers who do not drive often.

Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance is insurance that requires drivers only to pay for the amount of miles they drive. There are insurance companies that offer drivers a per-mile rate. Companies can track a motorists mileage by installing a small wireless device that tracks the number of miles a car is driven. The information is transmitted to the insurance company. The customer is then billed for the miles driven. People who do not regularly drive their car will see substantial savings when they enroll in this program. The less one drives, the less they will have to pay for their assurance automobile.

Not only are insurance providers able to track a driver’s mileage, they can even assess the level of risk of a particular driver. For instance, the tracking unit measures the car’s speed each second, which allows them to assess braking and acceleration habits. A driver deemed to have good driving habits will be categorized as a lower risk of accidents and traffic violations which will result in a lower premium, thus leading to better rated assurances auto.

Other benefits of this program include: drivers have more control over the cost of their insurance, less greenhouse gases will be created as more people will try to cut down on their mileage, there will be less car accidents as people will be driving less, and state governments will spend less on roads as there will be less cars causing damage to the roads. As well, insurers will have fewer claims to pay out which lessens instances of insurance rate hikes.

Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance is a relatively new and innovative method of establishing fair insurance practices while helping the environment. It is predicted that in the near future, more people will be taking advantage of this program and more insurance companies will be offering Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance. When you search for a car insurance provider, make sure you check to see if they offer a Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance program. In these difficult economic times, it just makes sense to take advantage of an innovative way of lowering your car insurance premiums.

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