When property insurance is mentioned, most people assume it’s about the home or the car and that’s it. The average American will only deal with these two kinds of insurance throughout his life. This is just barely scratching the surface of property insurance, however. Likewise, a New York insurance broker can provide you much more than just this, as well. Continue and see a list of just a few different kinds of insurance that your local broker could help you with:

Commercial Business Insurance. This term can encompass a wide area, but all of it is concerned with a business that you own. This umbrella policy will vary quite a bit from business to business, as it has to be tailored for each entity. You will need business property insurance if you own an office or a factory. New York liability insurance might also be on your agenda if you sell products or provide services that have a direct impact on the lives of your customers. Any employees you have may have to be supplied with health and dental insurance. Company vehicles that you own and maintain will have to have their own insurance coverage, as well.

New York Boat Insurance. New York requires that your boat – be it a fishing boat, yacht, or jet ski – be insured if it is to be used on any navigable waters. Your boat is an investment, and like any investment it should be protected. Let a local insurance broker find policies that are affordable to you.

New York Motorcycle Insurance. Whether you use it for commuting to and from work to save on gasoline or if you like to ride the hog on a Sunday joyride, you will want to have it insured. You’ll be following state laws and requirements while at the same time protecting a valuable investment from damage. After all, Harley Davidsons are expensive. Why would you want to risk a bike as treasured as that when you could simply have it insured and be done with it?

Those were just a sampling of the many different property insurances available out there. You may have need of one, all, or none of them as life demands. Many more areas exist, so speak to a local broker and see what you may need.

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