To enter into Australia you will need an Australian tourist visa issued from your own country and entered into a current passport prior to your departure. To apply for visas, you need to contact the Australian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in your home country although some visas can be issued online. It is important to apply for the correct visa too. Tourist visas can be issued for time periods of up to 3 or 6 months and when applying for the visa you will need to prove that you have an out going ticket and sufficient funds for the duration of your stay.

When entering Australia you must surrender all fresh food, animal and plant produce and unprocessed food stuffs. This is a quarantine requirement to prevent the entry of foreign organisms that may have a harmful effect on Australia’s native vegetation, wildlife and farming products. Strict regulations apply to the import and export of protected wildlife and items made from protected species. Any items will be seized customs officials upon arrival. This may include any wooden artifacts you have purchased.

When flying domestically, avoid early morning or late afternoon on the eastern seaboard routes. These flights are usually full with business people travelling between the capital cities. Two airlines that offer competitive rates are Jetstar , owned by Qantas, and Virgin Blue , owned by the Virgin Group. These are the main two flights that can be easily booked online.

Although there is no official religion in Australia you will be able to find churches of various denominations. Catholic and England faith churches are located in most towns. There are also places of worship for Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim along with others in the cities and most major towns.

It is really important to protect yourself from sunburn at all times, but especially in summer. You may want to wear a wide brimmed hat and use 30+ sunscreen, as high UV levels and skin damage occurs fast, especially mid day.

When planning a day at the beach swim only at patrolled beaches and between flag areas. Queensland water hazards include box jellyfish or stingers, generally found in shallow waters and most beaches are netted to provide protection. Other poisonous creatures are cone shell species and coral snakes, both of which can cause death, and don’t forget about the sharks. It is worth looking into expert guidance to gain a sound knowledge of what can hurt you before you start your beach day.

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