There are many ways to increase gas mileage and save money on fuel. Don’t overlook your shopping trips into town as a way to combine trips or errands. Take into account all the errands you need to run and do some trip planning and find the shortest routes possible that have the least amount of stops this can be done with online mapping services saving money, time and fuel.

Try using free services online that help you find the cheapest gas in areas you often travel or drive. When planning trips or running your errands plan stops at the gas pump to take advantage of these low gas prices.

Instead of driving around town when shopping for products looking for the lowest price do your searching online. Consider having your purchases shipped to your door. Most major retailers or merchants offer their products online and offer a larger variety and sometimes a discount or free shipping. Not only will you save time and money driving to pick up the item but you are more likely to purchase something that matched your expectations.

Who ever thought air could save gas? Well if your tires are inflated properly you could see your fuel efficiency increase 3%. Tires that are not properly inflated also wear much quicker. Consider having your tires also rotated every 10,000 miles. Inflated tires will save money on fuel and tires give you a safer and more comfortable ride.

Refer to your owners manual to get recommendations on when your oil should be changed. Oil that goes beyond its service life could cost you in a few ways. Keeping your oil changed as recommended can give you an increase in gas mileage of 1-2%. If it is discovered during an oil change that you have a dirty oil filter consider changing it and you could possibly see a 10% increase in gas mileage.

Have your vehicle tuned up as recommended by your owners manual. If it is running rough or your gas mileage is not what it once was it may be time to have a tuneup. It is not unusual to even have an engine that is running fine to see an increase in gas mileage due to a tuneup. A perfect example is a faulty oxygen sensor that once replace could increase gas mileage as much as 40%.

When driving give some distance between you and the car in front of you. Let your car come to a natural stop try to reduce your brake usage. When accelerating let up on the gas a bit. Use cruise control to save gas. Not only are these methods better on your engine, brakes and transmission but should help you in saving money on your fuel bill.

Will you be trading in your gas guzzler soon for a more fuel efficient vehicle to increase gas mileage? Always compare miles per gallon or MPG and is often listed on the sticker of a new vehicle. Always find out what grade of gasoline is required for a vehicle. Some vehicles require premium and hence you will pay a premium price for that grad of gasoline. Try to stick to vehicles that take regular if a vehicle requires premium you could ruin your engine by burning regular and it will cost you more in the long run. When purchasing a vehicle it pays to do your research.

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