There’s a stigma attached to the phrase car lease, right? Most people are led to imagine that a motor vehicle lease is for business executives who are someplace in the world on a business trip and need a motor vehicle for a couple of days. We understand why that assumption might be so, and aim to discredit it totally with our offerings.

Previously the words car lease would have meant that a business executive would be leasing a vehicle for a couple of days, and the costs were really substantial because the companies would say that they carry all the risk and so they would insure the motor vehicle against all sorts of hazards. This approach only led to the automobiles being handled with very little respect and the leasers having no sense of duty or concern towards the motor vehicle because they were paid enormous fees for the vehicle anyway.

We now have turned all of that around by giving great value to our clients on truly nice vehicles. Instead of overburdening our customers with fees in the attempt to make a quick buck we offer a truly great system that benefits both our customers and us as well. You’ll be able to get the very newest cars for a truly superb price.

Changing the minds of customers.

It has long been the mindset of many vehicle owners that once your motor vehicle has reached its threshold then the vehicle owner will aim to get something new. There are a number of issues that they encounter right here which namely are attempting to sell the motor vehicle for a profit, and if it’s a private sale there are a number of tests that have to be done to show the motor vehicle’s roadworthiness.

All of us remember the feeling we got after we bought our first car. The truth that it was an outdated beetle didn’t matter because we had our very own car. We had been so pleased with it that no one could say anything about the vehicle that would put us off it, or even think the same as them. Fast forward to today and you’re hit with excessive costs and maintenance plans, all at your own cost.

Our goal is to take the pain out of car and van leasing by providing great service and cars to our customers. Now, without drastically overshooting the mark, let’s say that there’s a motor vehicle that you would like to drive and quite presumably own. The only problem is that it is just out of reach of your budget and so you settle for something less. There’s nothing wrong with that, in reality many of us do that and lead very content lives.

We aren’t about contentment, we’re about satisfaction and happiness. Now provided that the vehicle you have been attempting to purchase isn’t overly extravagant, like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, we pretty much stock most of the newer and more modern models of automobiles for you to choose from.

How affordable are these cars?

Instead of breaking the bank on the acquisition of your motor vehicle, we offer really great special deals on vehicle leasing to our clients, and payment plans that you would be able to afford. Another great side of this scheme is that after you are done with your vehicle there’s no hassle with attempting to sell the car in an effort to purchase a more modern car, you merely return the motor vehicle and upgrade to a newer model.

If you are thinking of taking out a contract hire lease, then Lease4less is the place to begin. We have huge experience in all types of car lease and even supply maintenance cover as standard with all our vehicles.