People who like to listen to loud music are the ones who are likely to bridge car amplifiers. By doing this the volume of the audio is increased to a great extent and also improves the clarity of the sound. More power is also provided to the speakers. Its function is similar to that of the subwoofer. The very important fact is that the connection should be done properly the first time before testing it. It is very important to know how to bridge two car audio amps since if the connection is done in the wrong way damages can be made to speakers and also the amps itself. Due to the high power the circuits can get burnt and damage it.

There are few tools required for doing this process. It includes pliers, 2 car audio amps, wire strippers, wrench, wire rated for the amplifiers. These tools will help in the accomplishment of task in a simpler way and easier way too.

Utmost care must be taken before buying the amplifiers. The manuals must be thoroughly read and must be made sure that both the amplifiers that are purchased can be bridged. If they can be bridged the amplifiers can be bought. If it is not sure then it is advised not to buy those.

Then the supply of power is cut from the two amplifiers. This is done by removing the cable from the positive end of the battery of the car with the help of pliers or wrench. It can remain in such a way till the amplifiers are completely bridged.

There will be a bridge switch at the rear end of each amp usually. Turn on that switch in case if it is there. Take a wire . Remove the insulation to about half inch in both the ends of the wire taken.

The insulation is then stripped for half an inch from both the ends of the wire. The wire is then connected between the two amplifiers. In one it is connected in the positive end of an amplifier and the other end is attached to the negative of the second amplifier. This is done by wrapping wire so that it surrounds the terminals. Then the knobs are screwed back to position. Generally there is colour code for the two terminals. The colours for negative and positive are black and red respectively.

The other terminals that are free are connected to the speakers. The positive end of one of the two amplifiers is connected to positive end of the speaker. Similarly, the negative end of the amp is connected with the negative end of the speaker.

With this article the question of how to bridge two car audio amps becomes easy. Though the instructions are enough to carry out the bridging it is very important to keep in mind that if there is any uncertainty the bridging must not be done. Since this might lead to damage in the speakers and also the amplifiers.

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