Drawing a simple car is very easy but drawing a realistic one can be very difficult. Artists and designers use their mind to draw something that is exclusive and different from others. These days you get a variety of books and article on the internet that can give you some easy tips through which you can draw any object that you desire, even if you are not very talented in the field of drawing.

Drawing a car is not a very difficult thing; you just need to concentrate and focus on the task that you are performing.

1. Make your experience enjoyable Drawing different cars can really be a fun filled and enjoyable experience if you are really focused on what you are doing. From semi-trucks to sports car, nothing is impossible to draw, but you just need determination and some hard work.

2. Divide your drawing into parts A very good way through which you can draw complicated things easily is by dividing them into different parts. The same thing you can do while drawing cars also, you can even use different colors for different parts of the car. The top portion can be drawn in red while the bottom can be completed in black ink.

3. Draw a rough sketch Before drawing the actual car you can easily draw a rough draft of your drawing. Make sure the outlines are very lightly drawn so that you can erase them after wards. This rough draft would help you in realizing your mistakes which you would definitely avoid in the fair one.

4. Use simple objects to draw different parts You can use simple objects to draw the various parts of your car. Make use of the ruler to make straight lines of the outer surface of the car, for drawing wheels you can use coins of various sizes.

5. Have a picture of a car to help you If you feel that it would be difficult for you to draw a car by just using your imagination then you can take out a print out of a car to help you. You can even trace out the actual drawing and then darken it by using fine felt tip markers, erase the pencil marks after doing so.

I am sure after following these amazing tips, drawing a car would surely be a fun filled experience for you.

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