The price of the goods we need every day seems to increase every time you visit your grocery store. Inflation is on the rise for over a year now. An economic downturn and a rise in oil prices is often blamed for this state of affairs. Indeed, the upward movement of prices is no more apparent than at the gas pump. With gas prices as high as they are, it’s easy to see why people are starting to seek out alternatives to save money on fuel costs. One of the newest fads out there these days is something frequently called water for gas, or “water4gas.”

Attractive as it seems, is it even possible to use water for gas? It is not technically possible to put water directly into your car to be used as a fuel. In fact, if you did this you would damage the engine and render your car useless. So does that make the water4gas technology a scam? In reality, the technology to convert water to usable fuel for powering your vehicle does exist and is quite viable, but not in the form that most people think.

When considering Water4gas technology, it would be incorrect to believe that water itself is the fuel alternative. In actuality, water’s constituent molecules are hydrogen and oxygen. These two elements when separated are capable of inducing a greater level of gas efficiency. Water for gas is simply worded to make it more appealing to people and to explain the chemical process. Hydrogen gas’s only emission is water vapor, plus it burns cleaner and more efficiently than ethanol-based gasoline.

The concept behind water for gas systems is that supplying small amounts of hydrogen will help your car burn gasoline more efficiently. Thus, your car will consume less gas. You can conceivably create an alternative source of power for your car by splitting water into its component atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. Sound far-fetched? Not, really, NASA sends its shuttles into space using the same hydrogen fuel.

Most of the water for gas systems show you how to transform your car into a vehicle that is able to use water as fuel. You can find kits on the Internet and you can do the adaptations on your vehicle yourself. Downloadable water4gas systems are typically ebooks that provide you with a set of drawings and instructions to create a hydrogen gas converter system. You’ll need to buy your own supplies to build these systems.

It’s normal to be wary that untested or untraditional products could be a rip-off or not live up to the claims. Simply typing “water4gas scam” into any online search engine will bring up pages of information. There are dozens of sites that recommend the water4gas system as an economical way to fuel your car, and another dozen that call the system a waste of money or a scam. Interestingly, there are a number of on-line forums that include active and spirited discussions about water for gas technology from not only its proponents, but also from those who strongly criticize this technology.

Whether the water4gas system is a scam or a truly revolutionary way for the average person to save money at the pump remains to be seen. However, it is interesting to note that major car manufacturers such as Honda and BMW have plans in the pipeline to produce hydrogen fuel cell powered cars for wide consumption. Honda’s Clarity FCX, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to hit the market, is scheduled for limited leasing-only availability in Southern California for the 2008 summer season.

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