Vision Sportscars company from Britain has make public a new L65,000 sports car. The firm was running under license from the now-defunct Pilgrim Cars. Created by John Forakis Greece man, the vehicle has a transaxle from Renault, stainless steel exhausts, a mid-mounted Chevy 5.7-l V8 pour 350bhp for the rear wheels as well as a low curb weight of 2,500 pounds.
The cabin has received significant attention, it seems that designed to keep everything in reach, and employs a multifunctional display, which can be a display for the reversing camera, a DVD player and a radio, with the option to put in sat nav and a television.
The car will take a sticker price of L65,000, but manufacturers sadi it will be incredibly easy to maintain.

vision sportscars minotaur

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