Mark Webber has jumped into the lead for this year’s Formula One world championship on the toughest track in the sport, Monaco. His latest victory is yet another notch in the belt of his back-to-back victories after his win in Spain and his third pole position of the season.

The Monaco circuit is known for its punishment of even the slightest of errors and the Aussie champ did the job with pace, commitment and consistency. He was winning from the first practice lap three days before until the chequered flag on race day. His Red Bull racer is seen as the sharpest tool in this years F1 box.

The Aussie driver was over the moon and said “it was the best day of my life”. “I’ve dreamt of winning the Monaco Grand Prix since I was a boy and to do it from pole position was just awesome.” The young Australian took triumph over his German teammate Sebastian Vettel, a strong contender and considered the new Schumacher.

This latest win put the wonder from down under at the top of the leader board where he leads on victories, despite being equal with Vettel. Sir Frank Williams is amongst some of the F1 experts who consider Webber a contender for the title. “Mark has risen, there is no question. Mark is in top form,” said Williams, who provided the car for Webber’s first podium at Monaco in 2005.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull team boss says, “Mark has really found his stride. He has his mojo back and his confidence is high, he is relaxed, and when you are like that, the times come.” There is only one other Australian to win the Monaco Grand Prix and that was Sir Jack Brabham in 1959.

Some say Webber has left it too late to claim a victory against Vettel but on race day he accelerated away from him in an equal car. At some points in the race he was 10 seconds ahead of the pack but was slowed down by a series of safety car interventions for crashes. He had a scare towards the end of the race when tail enders Jarno Trulli and Karun Chandhok collided in front of him.

Webber’s career faced difficulty a few years ago when he faced a drink driving ban after a Sydney police officer believed him to be over the limit. He was later cleared of any drink driving offence but refused to comment publicly on the matter.