Designers at the Finnish tractor company Valtra have come up with their vision of the future of agricultural machinery with the ANTS machine. ANTS is a modular solution. It comprises two basic modules: The soldier, with a power of some 100 kW, and the worker, with a power of 200 kW. Both can act together or work individually. For supervisory tasks there is a cab that can be fitted onto both machines. When executing heavy work requiring the participation of an operator, the modules can be interlocked i.e. the rear wheels are adjusted to a narrow track while the front wheels of the other machine are moved abreast and the machines interlocked. In this mode a queen becomes available, with articulated steering and maximum power of 400 kW. The cab is a capsule that can be attached to both basic modules. It can rotate and may be placed at the front, rear or on top of the basic module. The cab may be lowered for safe access; most tractor related accidents occur when getting in and out of the cab.

Valtra ANTS Tractor Concept - 01

Valtra ANTS Tractor Concept - 02

Valtra ANTS Tractor Concept - 03

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