by Joan Jorgenson

If you need to replace a truck but are running short of cash it may be time to start looking at used trucks. These vehicles offer many years service at affordable prices.

You will find used trucks in many makes and models. Additionally, you will find them in all sorts of conditions. Some may be in worse shape than the truck you are trying to replace while others look like they just drove off the showroom floor. Since they have been used by someone else, you will pay less for the truck.

As with any used vehicle, the idea behind buying a used truck is to save money. If you shop carefully, you can find a truck that is both in your price range and the condition that your desire. There are also several places to look for used trucks.

One of the best sources of used trucks is a new car dealer. You will find that there are still persons who will trade in their vehicle on a regular basis. At times at the new car dealer, you will find used trucks that are one year old or even newer. The advantage of these trucks is that someone else has paid the markup to drive them off the showroom floor the first time. Many of these trucks have a manufacturer’s warranty available.

Used trucks can also be found at used vehicle dealers. These trucks may not be as new as those found at new car dealerships. Additionally, factory warranties may not be available. You should beware of dealers who purchase their vehicles at auctions. These auctions are where new car dealers sell off trade ins that do not meet their standards.

Private parties also sell used vehicles. Many times you will avoid the dealer markup and the seller will still get more money for his vehicle than he would have gotten from a trade in. Private parties trying to sell their own vehicles may have maintenance records available for the review of the perspective buyer.

If you are looking for a used vehicle from a private party, there are several places to begin the search. First, look in the classified advertisements of your local newspaper. You will find several online sites that also offer used vehicles. Some of these sites will be specific for your area. Additionally, do not forget to check the ads on Craigslist.

By shopping carefully for used trucks, you can buy a vehicle that has several years service available and will save you several hundred dollars.

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