With these devices you can simply ask the GPS for your destination and you will be directed there by turn-by-turn voice directions through a headset in your helmet.

Regardless of which motorcycle GPS option you choose, a GPS will open up your traveling choices when you are in the saddle. They will give you a stunningly effective method of navigating and exploring the open road.

When wanting to purchase a motorcycle GPS device, then you should explore the many online GPS stores. With a little bit of time you will find yourself a GPS for your bike at a cheap price.

The Garmin Zumo 550 has been released and getting rave reviews so far by people in the motorcycle world as well as the everyday user of GPS units.

Motorcycles take a beating when cruising the roadways, and the vibrations those electronic instruments get is something you must consider before purchasing any electronic equipment.

Being user friendly is something that a rider needs especially as they are going down the road.

The controls are found on the left side, that is a big plus. Additionally you can operate them without taking off your gloves, making it so much easier. The touch screen is very effective and having 2D and 3D screens to check the info really helps out a lot also.

When using your Garmin 550, you can avoid highly congested areas and make your route planning around these saving you gas and time on your next trip.

With an optional helmet headset, you will be able to send and receive calls right from your Zumo 550 GPS unit.

No longer will you’ll have to pull over to answer a call or make one. This will be a feature that many people will use time and time again.

With the Garmin Zumo 550 having a SD memory card slot, it will be possible to make preplanned trips sitting at your computer and transfer it to the SD card. All that is left to do is insert the SD card and you are all set to hit the road.

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