Speeding offences are some of the highest causes of traffic incidents today in comparison with that of drunk driving. Some people think that cars are toys and the faster they can go the cooler they will appear in front of their friends.

Going too fast and not adhering to the posted speed limit is not cool it is unsafe. You could cause a very serious car wreck and be killed or injured yourself or the worse thing you cold cause the death of an innocent person due o your recklessness and then their would not be only speeding fines to contend with but also vehicular manslaughter charges as well.

Once caught speeding the officer can do one of two things. They can hand out a citation or give you a set date for court which you must then appear at to take care of your fines.

Speeding excessively over the limit posted on the motorway or streets can give you jail time and suspension from driving or just the license suspension for a cited period of time. This all is according to exactly how much over the speed limit you were traveling when you were caught.

How much do you think showing off of rushing to get somewhere is worth to your life and the lives of those around you when you are driving? Take the time and go the limit and save lives, one of them may be your own.

Teens are not the only law breakers when it comes to speeding and causing fatalities in accidents because of bad judgement or just shear stupidit, adults also do these same things.

Obeying the law and avoiding speeding offences is the best way to become and stay a safe and happy driver.

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