When planning a vacation, one common piece of advice heard when planning your trip is is not to pay for the supplemental insurance when renting a car from an agency. Typically, the credit card used to rent the car will provide rental insurance, and the coverage you have on your own car will cover the rental as well. Before deciding not to take the supplemental insurance, however, you should take into consideration what the deductibles are for your existing coverage, as well as your coverage limits.

If you incur minor damage to the vehicle that you rent, like dings, scratches and dents, even if they are caused of no fault of your own, then you are still liable in the car rental company’s eyes to pay for those damages; even if your rented vehicle is just parked in a parking lot when the damages occur.

If minor damage like this were to occur, it is very possible that the cost of repairs would be so little that your personal insurance company and your credit card company would not cover these charges. It is also possible that if minor damage were to occur, and you called the police and your insurance company immediately, that you may still be billed by the rental agency even if you thought the matter was resolved.

Although most of these bills are less than $1000 you are still liable for that amount and if no one else pays it you are still responsible. Most car rental companies will offer you supplemental insurance for as little as $10 per day and this is a small price to pay for peace of mind when renting a vehicle.

People may still make the argument that the cost of repairing minor damage is insignificant, and it is not worth the cost of the supplemental insurance. This maybe true, but consider the aggravation and headache of all of the paperwork and the process of resolving the matter if your rental car did receive some minor damage. It would be an unpleasant way to end your travel, dealing with this mess, especially when purchasing the supplemental insurance when you rented the car would have saved you all of the trouble.

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