To obtain the best automobile insurance rates in Canada drivers should do a little research. Save your money by discovering why and how insurance rates differ across the country and across the road.

Use both the internet and the phone to conduct your research. There are plenty of websites listed on the search engines that will give you quote comparisons. Also use the yellow pages to make a phone call to the listed companies and ask for a quote. The process will take about 20 minutes and will consist of some questions and decisions on the extent of the coverage.

Auto insurance rates change based on you, your car and your location. In a few provinces mandatory insurance is issued through the government, such as in Manitoba. Across the country it is the law that all drivers have adequate coverage for property and liability damage. That coverage must be valid at all times. Insurance companies also sell policies that cover drivers well beyond that minimum amount.

A 49 year old living in Alberta driving a 2004 Toyota Sienna will pay somewhere between $1400 and $1700, depending on the insurance company. If that same driver lived in Ontario and drove a vehicle five years older, they might pay $200 to $300 less per year.

Your past driving record and the use of your vehicle will also have an effect on the car insurance rates in Canada. Using a car or truck for business will result in more distance driven and a higher insurance policy. Also a bad driving record will drive the cost of auto insurance quote up and may cause a provider to cancel your policy or refuse further coverage.

Any time you are refused coverage it will have to be reported on subsequent insurance applications. Also any accidents in the last ten years where you were deemed at fault and any claims will need to be disclosed on future applications. Remember to be up front with your record to obtain the most accurate quotation and the best coverage.

Your automobile rates may also depend on your gender. Most companies will give both males and females a discount if a driver training course has been taken and documentation can be provided.

It would seem that Ontario has the highest automobile insurance rates in Canada. An Ontario driver who’s 23 years old and owns a 2006 Chrysler should pay around $1600 annually, while a Quebec driver who’s 19 years old and owns a 2005 Mazda will pay less than $1100 through the same national insurance company. Although other aspects may have affected that comparison, where you live is an important factor in how high your insurance is.

Setting a higher deductible will decrease your annual policy. Also be sure that you are not carrying any excessive or unnecessary coverage. Go over your policy in detail and choose the highest deductible that you are comfortable with. Remember that the annual savings stay in your pocket every year and the higher cost of the deductible is only relevant when a claim is made.

Research well, be open about your record and get answers to your questions. This will ensure you obtain the lowest quote and the best coverage for you.

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