Once you get your new hot wheels you need to know how to care for them. For rim and tire protection read on below to learn.

Use a good torque wrench when ever you get new wheels in tightening the lugs. Tighten them according to the company’s torque specs. If you do not tighten them correctly you could run into a couple of problems; your wheels could vibrate or wobble or you can cause unnecessary brake wear or damage. After they are tightened correctly you should have them re-aligned. For rim and tire protection you should properly tighten lugs and re-align them.

Tire pressure is very important, not only in rim and tire protection, but for better gas mileage also. Keeping the pressure correct gives better handling, better mileage and helps prevent flats. You should check your pressure every month. You should only check your tire pressure while the tires are cold, or after a short drive. It is not recommended to check tire pressure after you have driven awhile as the tires heat up and will give false pressures. If the pressure is low in any of your tires fill to the proper pressure. Most gas stations have free or coin air compressors. Re-check the pressure every few seconds while adding air. If you over fill then let air out till you have the correct air pressure. If you find a tire to be low a few times in a row you probably have a leak. Have it checked out.

Low or high pressure in your tires is not good and will cause inconsistent tread wear and improper vehicle handling as well as other issues. Response on a quick turn or swerve is less with low air pressure as well as cost you money in gas as your mileage will decrease and causes the outsides of the tread to wear faster. The tire will contact the road less causing less traction with high air pressure and will cause the inside of the tread to wear faster. Keeping your air pressure within the proper specs will assist in rim and tire protection.

You should rotate your tires every 5 thousand to 7 thousand miles. Follow your auto manual for proper rotation. Tires in different locations as in front or back, left side or right side will wear differently. If you rotate your tires as specified your tires will last longer and will improve on rim and tire protection.

Keeping wheels clean using soap with warm water will aid in rim and tire protection. Over time dirt and rust can build up if you do not keep them clean.

If you want to keep your tires and rims in good shape then use this information for your rim and tire protection.

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