The concept, at first, looks like any other modern bike with its minimal features and high-tech design. But when you look closely, the Twist allows the riders to both conjoin individual bicycles to ride tandem and split the tandem to ride apart. Jose Hurtado, Spanish designer, perhaps had in mind the couples that ride into the city together during the week and subsequently depart to their separate jobs. Hurtado describes the philosophy of the Twist:

“Twist [is] not just a bike, [it] is a union between people. Sometimes a change of direction in your life helps you to find yourself. With Twist, the change of direction will lead you to meet and enjoy the people, like you, who love cycling, mobility and [a] healthy life.”

Twist Concept Bike - 01

Twist Concept Bike - 02

Twist Concept Bike - 03

Twist Concept Bike - 04

Twist Concept Bike - 05

Twist Concept Bike - 06

Twist Concept Bike - 07

Twist Concept Bike - 08

via: jose hurtado