Seems pretty obvious that common sense is required to drive. You have to take tests, practice and learn the rules before you are given a license. But, it seems as though many of us seem to get too comfortable while driving and forget to use our common sense. We forget that we are controlling a potential death machine and not a multimedia lounge.

The four major factors found in most automobile accidents are: Speeding, Distractions, DUI, and seat belts violations.

I. Speeding:

I would wager that we have all gone over the speed limit at some point in our driving lives. The sad part is that we are not aware of the fact that we are speeding at times. The risk of a fatal accident more than doubles while you are traveling at 65 mph. Every additional mile you increase your speed increases your odds of death (or someone else greatly). By the time you reach 85 mph you are thirty-two times more likely to be killed when you slam into something. The is where common sense should kick in. We know that speeding is dangerous and we are playing the odds. But the odds are greatly stacked against you as well as the other drivers on the road and the passengers and pedestrians.

Getting somewhere 5 minutes earlier worth your life and the lives of others? Stop…Think & Slow down.


“Driving is probably the most complex psycho-motor task undertaken by ordinary individuals on a routine basis.” So why not add some drugs or alcohol into the mix!!? Most of us have a thousand things on our mind while we drive as it is. Adding artificial distractions and delays into your mind and body is not only the most dangerous thing a driver can do, but also one-third of the cause of all traffic accidents. You sold a house, had a bad day, got a raise… and want a drink then you need to have a designated driver. That way we can all celebrate tomorrow.

We all know drugs kill but do you know that drugs alone accounted for 18% of all car crashes? I’m talking about prescriptions, over-the-counter, and of course, illegal drugs. Again, please use your common sense — don’t take drugs if you have to drive.

III. Seat Belts

Use seat belt and live. Don’t use seat belt and you could end up dead in an accident. They are 44% more effective at preventing death in collisions.


Distractions can kill. Nothing is worth your life. Focus on driving and live…or don’t and you could be dead.

Thomas Nguyen has been a traffic school owner since 2003, the same year his son was born. Ever since the birth of his son Tyler, Thomas has been a big advocate on driving safely using plain old common sense. His company, Too Lazy For Traffic currently serves traffic violators in California with several other states on the way.

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