Countless motor vehicle owners are drawn out to the road every day, every year, in search of the promise lying just over the horizon. In pursuit of that goal, many vehicle owners are intent on being able to bring along as much of their property with them as possible.

In that sense, many drivers choose to have a towbar installed in their car, which makes it possible to tow a trailer or other vehicles and thereby bring along the maximum amount of items with them on the road.

In order to be able to haul a trailer behind one’s car, it is very important that the vehicle be equipped with a quality towbar (also referred to as a tow hitch) that can resist lots of stress and keep the vehicle’s and the trailer’s movements more or less in sync.

Not any towbar will perform that way, of course. Beyond making sure that your towbar fulfills certain industry standards it is essential that you hear what a professional has to say on the matter before you have a towbar installed on your car or buy a vehicle because of its in-built towbar.

There are two basic forms of towbar on the market: one version which includes a towball mounted on a tow bracket, and another which incorporates a tow pin and jaw along with a trailer loop. The former variety will allow for greater articulation of the trailer’s and car’s movements, whereas the latter variety is a little more rigid (though if there is enough slack in the pin the same result can be achieved, more or less).

A receiver towbar is one which generally includes a removable tow ball, whereas a fixed hitch will generally have the tow ball and all built right into the frame of the vehicle. In all cases, the hitches are connected directly to the chassis of the vehicle, allowing for heavier objects to be towed. Certain towbars built with a square receiver sockets which enable the weight to be more evenly distributed during towing, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

It is incredibly important that when connecting the trailer to the vehicle, the loading of the tow ball be performed correctly both horizontally and vertically – people without experience in performing such loading operations should seek out the advice of someone that does know what they are doing, and that way prevent possible damage to property and persons.

There is hardly a towbar safer than the Lunette Ring variety of coupling. This variety is made up by the Lunette Ring itself and the pintle hook on the vehicle; these couplings are recommended for people towing trailers on uneven or rugged terrain such as out in the country.

Byron Jonas understands that tow bars are an important accessory for a vehicle, which explains why he got qualified advice before installing a towbar on his vehicle. You are welcome to reprint this article – but get your own unique content version here.