by Byron Jonas

If you want to make the most of your vacations and add greater freedom to your everyday life, you should consider the benefits of towing. If you’re visiting relatives for an extended period of time, you’ll be able to enjoy all your belongings on a daily basis. Your children will be happy to have their toys and bicycles there, and the rest of the family can take anything they would like to make your vacation a great one.

Likewise, the family vacations in the outdoors become even better when towing along a small car with your mobile home. Quick day trips to the city or out to a nice restaurant can break up the monotony of a national park vacation. To tow a car, trailer or truck you will need to hook it up to your towing vehicle. This process will involve the use of a trailer, a tow dolly or a tow bar. Tow bars are the easiest, safest and least expensive option on the market.

In your travels, you’ve certainly noticed the trailer system of towing, in which cars are set on a raised platform and towed behind the main vehicle. Normally best suited for industrial-sized tows of many cars, the trailer solution is less attractive and often more expensive than the tow bar alternative.

Tow bars require little storage space, unlike the very bulky trailers. The parts of a tow bar connect to your vehicle where they remain in place.

Looking over the different types of tow bars, one option is the self-aligning bar, the most popular style due to its easy handling. There is also the A-frame option, a tow bar that needs two people for application.

Remember about all the extra weight you will be handling when towing. Make an accurate count of the pounds you will be hauling. The Class of tow bar you need will correspond to this weight. Lighter compact cars are naturally a great choice for towing.

The equipment you’ll need to set up for towing any haul is not complicated, but you will be best served by trying to connect your vehicles well before your departure. Like everything else, practicing your tow bar’s connection will make your trip stress-free.

When driving with extra weight behind you, operate your towing vehicle with care, making sure you leave plenty of space between your vehicle and cars ahead of you. The towed vehicle will make turns and bending roads slightly more difficult to manage. You should give your haul a test run in a safe spot close to your home before venturing out on your holiday trip. Always avoid moving in reverse when towing, as it could damage your towed vehicle as well as your tow bar.

The tow bar can come in handy if a friend or family member is in need of towing after an accident or mechanical failure. With a tow bar you are towing on four wheels, so keeping the bar parallel to the ground is important. Because of this leveled-off approach, tow bars work well with almost any vehicle.

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