So you are looking for a car rental but are a little concerned about spending too much money. You wish there was a guide to help you through the process, one that would ensure that you don’t spend too much. Well, you have finally landed on just that the following are the key points of car hire that everyone who is renting a vehicle needs to know.

1. There Is Always A Discount- Many people will tell you that there are no discounts to be had in the car rental industry. This is simply not the case. While many companies are holding their rates steady during this economic downturn, you will find that you can find online discounts and promotional codes on the web. You can also ask companies about the specials they are offering or discount that they have available to help unearth more savings.

2. Watch The Mileage- Many companies don’t make much money on their base fees, so they tend to make it up in charging for mileage or overages in miles that can add up to quite a bit of extra money. Instead opt for cars that might cost a little more but come with unlimited mileage, this will wind up saving you a lot of money.

3. Be Well Educated Of Your Coverage- There is no need to take out additional insurance coverage, that all rental companies offer, if your credit card are auto insurance will cover you. Be sure of what you are and are not covered for, prior to declining the supplemental insurance, as this will save you should problems with the auto rental arise.

4. Be Flexible- Perhaps the biggest key to getting the best possible deal on your car hire is to be flexible. By changing the days, dates and times of your rental, you can actually save quite a bit of money. If size is not an issue, try being flexible in this area as well, since car rental agencies want to rent all their cars, a less popular size might actually be less expensive to lease.

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