If you are living in California’s second largest city, San Diego, you know that while it can be fun and exciting it can also be stressful. How you long for breaks where you can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Very often, you need to go out of town to be able to experience these, thus it becomes practical to own a recreational vehicle. Then again, recreational vehicles require a huge investment, so here’s a cheaper option — San Diego repossessed RVs.

The big slump in the economy makes it timely to buy a repossessed RV. So many RVs are being seized by financial institutions and sold at auctions at a fairly good price.

Repossessed RVs of San Diego may be bought from authorized dealers, car rental companies, used car stores, and lending and other financial institutions. However, before closing the deal, have a thorough look at the RV first. People who do not have a good eye on cars may invite a mechanic to go over the RV and inspect it.

Before closing any deal on used car from a dealer, ask about their return policy if they have any because they are not required by the law to give a three-day right to cancel or some dealer describes it as “cooling-off” period. If they have it, get it in writing and read it carefully.

The California Used Car Lemon Law allows the selling of San Diego repossessed RVs provided that they are to be used for personal or private use only and they must come with a written warranty. You can also be entitled to a refund or replacement of the item or even cash compensation under the Lemon Law Compensation program within 18 months from the date of purchase.

It goes without saying that if you buy a second hand car without a warranty provisions for defects, it is not covered by the California Used Car Lemon Law.

Being informed of your own protection and security as a consumer is very important as you wouldn’t want to be in a situation when problems arise after a big purchase.

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