Every year, millions of people choose to rent a car whether for business or pleasure. Because there are so many car hire agency offering a wide range of prices and options, it can be a time consuming and frustrating experience trying to get a good deal. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to narrow down your search and end up with a great deal. Below are a number of tips on finding rental car bargains:

1. If you wait until the last few days to rent a car, chances are you will find a good deal. It is important to start a few weeks before your rental date so you have enough time to thoroughly research your options and get a good rate. As well, you want to make sure that your preferred car is available for rent. Also, starting early allows you to comparison shop. The internet is a great source to research car rental companies and comparison shop.

2. Before you search for a rental company, determine how long you will be renting a car. The longer you rent a car, the better rate you will get. Companies will usually offer better rates if you rent for a week or more. There are also certain days of the week where one can get a better rate. For instance, most companies will offer special weekend rates.

3. When researching car rental companies, it is important to find out their minimum mileage for free program before they start charging for each mile driven. Mileage rates can vary and the minimum mileage for free can also vary. If you will be doing a lot of driving, make sure you go with a rental company that offers a high mileage minimum for free. Also, check to see what the mileage rates are as they can vary. If you find a bargain, book the car, and then keep searching in case you find a better deal. Make sure you understand their cancellation policy so that if you do cancel your reservation, you will not end up paying a cancellation fee.

4. Because the internet has many car rental companies competing for your business, look for companies that offer special discounts and incentives. For instance, there are companies that will offer discounts if you make your reservation online. If booking online, make sure you read all of the terms and conditions. If you have any concerns or questions, contact the company by phone for clarification. Also, look for coupon or promotion codes to put into the booking form on the company’s site.

5. Check with your credit card company to see if they have any special deals with rental companies. As well, if you are a member of AAA or AARP, you can often get a discount on your car rental. You can also check with your employer to see if they will let you reserve your car through them and get an employee rate. Your auto insurance provider may also provide discounts on car rental rates.

Before you book your rental, it is important to always read the fine print of the rental contract. There may be a number of hidden fees and taxes causing the price to drastically increase. There may be some services that you do not need. If you carefully research your options, you will likely get a great bargain on your next car rental.

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