You may feel that you need to spend countless hours scouring the web and making numerous phone calls just to find the best possible rate on your next vehicle rental. Honestly, it will not take that much work to find the best rental rate if you follow these simple steps to an inexpensive car rental.

Your first step is to know the area that you are wanting to rent your vehicle from. Whether you are renting while at home, or renting once you reach your vacation destination, you should be aware of all the agencies that offer car rentals in the area you are planning to pick up your vehicle.

Whether you are looking for a location nearby your home or nearby the airport where you are landing, be advised that choosing an airport car rental agency will be more expensive so it is best to look at the area immediately surrounding the airport for a rental location that will offer you a better rate. Even if you are flying into that location you can usually take an airport shuttle to the car rental location or you may even be able to have the car rental agency pick you up.

Once you have found some rental agencies contact each of them and find out not only their base rate but also how much the total rental will cost you with taxes and other surcharges. Remember that you will want to ask for unlimited mileage as this will usually provide you with the best deal. If the company can not offer you unlimited mileage then you need to find out not only how many miles they will allot you but you must also find out how much they will charge you per mile over that set amount.

You should also consider how many miles you plan on driving while you will be utilizing your rental. This will help you find the rental that will give you the closes mile allotment to what you require. Going over your miles can cost you a lot of extra money, and adds up very quickly, therefore this is one of the most important steps in choosing your rental vehicle.

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