There are many things that need to be considered when you are planning on traveling and although you may be tired once you arrive at your destination you will be so tired you just want to get into your rental car and drive away. It is important that you do not just rush through your rental car contract and that you read through it carefully before you sign. Otherwise your tiredness may end up costing you extra money that you were not counting into your vacation budget.

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle at the rental agency, you must check three things before hitting the road. Doing so in advance can save you a lot of headaches later.

The Contract- Before you sign anything you must carefully review even line and detail of the rental agreement. Closer attention should be given to areas that you are required to initial next to. Obviously initialing near these areas makes them an especially important clause and therefore requires extra attention.

Road Service – It is one of those things that are very often overlooked. Understanding completely the road service that you will have access to while traveling around in your rental car will help you if a problem does arise. Most companies will offer you some sort of emergency road service, but many times you must call a certain number, or take certain steps to get the service covered. Make sure you ask and allow the representative to fully explain their road service policies.

Get To Know Your Vehicle- Finally, prior to driving off the lot, make certain to give the vehicle a good once over. Checkout the fluid levels, the physical appearance of the vehicle and find out where everything is. Areas to give special attention to include where the switch for the headlights is located, how to turn your windshield wipers on and off, and the locations of the parking brake and the hazard lights. Likewise, if the vehicle uses a GPS navigation system, then have the renting agent demonstrate you how to work it.

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