Why Get Trained In Paintless Dent Repair?

Are you a DIY enthusiast who loves fixing your own car? Or a garage owner, doing car repairs for a living? People have to pay good money to get their car dents fixed. Add paintless dent repair to your list of services and it’ll pay you. Or are you a garage employee? You’ll be in great demand with customers, with this skill. This gives an advantage when asking for a raise.

Training in PDR – Some Things To Consider

Online PDR training is available at the Superior Auto Institute. There are many PDR training schools out there, both online and offline. Using a search engine like Google or Cnet, you can easily find the ones with an online presence. So how do you choose the right PDR training? The goal of this blog post at Cars Show is to guide you in making an informed decision about getting PDR training, so you can add PDR to your skill set. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a PDR training. They include the following:

How To Source a PDR Course

Go online to find the best PDR courses. See the course offered by the Superior Auto Institute. Many high-end automobile companies endorse this course. Companies, such as Rolls Royce, BMW and Ferrari. They’ve used it for training their own staff. There’s no higher recommendation. Some are contact courses, others are remote or online. Some are a combination of both. Contact training, using videos and podcasts to complement hands-on sessions. Superior Automobile makes full use of all the teaching methods available. Other companies offering courses include Dent Trainers and How To Paintless Dent Repair.

Tools Are Compulsory

PDR training is a skill. Many courses, like the one at use videos and podcasts. Yet nothing beats hands-on practice with a tutor. For that, the tools of the trade are a must. Don’t commit to any course unless it requires you to get the tools. Otherwise, this will be a huge waste of your time and money.

Choose PDR Training in Small Groups

For PDR training, you need good attention from your instructor. Whatever training you choose must have small batches for the contact sessions. Your instructor needs to see your work and give you feedback. The training’s not worthwhile otherwise.

Ensure You Get A State-Recognized Qualification

Look for the courses which issue a state-level qualification. So, if anyone questions your credentials, you can prove them. You may go to the best training course in the world. But if you’re not holding a state-level certificate by the end, it’s a waste of your time and money.

Cost Consideration

Paintless dent repair training isn’t cheap. But it will pay for itself in the long term. Good training and recognizable certification is your goal. Let that be your main consideration. Pick the course that gives the training you want along with the proof of it. That’s all you need.