Your vacation has been well planned. You have picked out your Vegas hotel, the shows you want to see, and a restaurant someone recommended. You are looking forward to arriving in the glitzy city made famous by all the great entertainers such as Siegfried and Roy, Frank Sinatra and others too numerous to mention. You are not thinking about car problems, or Las Vegas Auto Glass.

But lady luck intrudes. You notice a rock chip in your windshield that is developing a crack. You need help to be sure your auto is safe.

You can’t contact your local shop back home. You don’t know anything about shops in Vegas. You don’t want to spend time fussing with your car while on vacation. Las Vegas Auto Glass has knowledgeable experience with countless others in your situation and their technicians are ready and willing to come to you with solutions.

You can give your insurance information over the phone as you make your appointment. They will handle contacting your insurance company, the paperwork and any questions you may have. They are thoroughly experienced in cutting through red tape and getting the job done for you with a minimum of paperwork.

They are convenient. They will make a same day or next day appointment to come to your hotel and make the repair on the spot, in an hour or less. You will not have to disrupt your vacation activities to get the repair done, and there is no trip to a repair shop. They use original or certified replacement products and the quality is guaranteed by a lifetime workmanship warranty that will be honored wherever you live.

Safety is a big concern. When you get back on the road you want to know that your repair has been done by a qualified professional. You will know your work has made your windshield as good as new and it will provide the same safety and security as the original in the event of an accident.

The company offers additional services you may want to use such as window tinting. This is very popular in Las Vegas, and anywhere where summer sun is a fact of life. They can also check for leaks as the perform the repairs if that has been an issue in the past. You can make a problem into a one stop advantage by adding tinting to your windows.

In short, you do not need to fear an out of town repair with Las Vegas Auto Glass. They will quickly and easily resolve your problem. You will arrive home with your car in the same condition as when you left. It will be as if in never happened. As they say, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

This article is brought to you by Las Vegas Auto Glass. For courteous and professional windshield repair service in Las Vegas, visit our Las Vegas Auto Glass website.