Most classic cars do not come with anti-theft devices already fitted, so can be vulnerable to being stolen. The good news is that your average classic car is not considered a good target by most car thieves. Generally, car thieves want a car that can be easily broken down into parts or sold on. The market for classic cars and their parts is relatively limited, making them less attractive to thieves. However, you should still protect your vehicle.

If you wish to show your car you must be careful that any anti-theft devices that you fit do not change the outward appearance of the car. Following this guideline rules out etching your windows, putting alarm system warning stickers on your windows and a few other anti-theft devices.

Removable anti-theft devices will not spoil the outward appearance of your classic car, meaning that you will still be able to enter it into car shows. The best devices are steering locks or brake pedal locks. Finding one for your car is made easy by the fact that there are lots of different types available. Steering locks also cost very little money and are easy to use.

The simplest anti-theft method is to remove the distributor cap or ignition rotor when you park up. A similar solution is to remove the fuel pump fuse if your car has one. If you use either of these methods make sure that you have wet wipes and a towel in the car to wash and dry your hands with before getting into the car. Of course locking your car is a must too. Modern drivers are used to central locking, so sometimes forget that on older cars each door and window must be shut and locked individually.

Fitting your car with a battery cut off switch or vehicle tracking system are other options, that can be easily fitted to any vehicle. Vehicle tracking will not stop your car from being taken, but will ensure that you get it back quickly.

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