by Greg Tomas

The Mustang is a automobile model that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Overall, Ford sold 1,288,557 first generation Mustangs. The initial design of the Ford Mustang was based on the Ford Falcon. The Ford Falcon had had seen some success but sales were beginning to drop so the Ford manufacturing plants were already tooled for the Mustang.

A day that will live in classic car history, March 9, 1964. The Ford Mustang was on its way to legendary status in the American culture and it grabbed the attention of that generation and it was very popular. Since that time, the Mustang aim has become synonymous with American values as apple pie and Lee Greenwood. Introduced to the public at the New York world’s fair on April 17, 1964, it was an instant hit! The only other launch that was anywhere close was the model A.! The Ford Mustang is the only original pony car to enjoy continuous production from its beginning until now.

A pony car is an economy two door car with a big engine, starting with the Mustang. A pony car is a compact highly stylized car that was very sporty. The pony class of car was inspired by the 1964 Ford Mustang. This car had a long hood and a short deck, as well as a big motor. It was considered very youthful. The Mustang was the purest form of the pony car, and became a highly popular type of car design. Because of the rise of this extremely popular car, competitors began coming out with their own versions to this look. Many cars came out of this period of automotive history such as the Camaro, Barracuda, Javelin, Firebird, Cougar, Challenger, and later the foreign-made Toyota Celica.

The year of 1973 pretty much signaled the end of an era in terms of classic muscle cars. This was a time in which fuel shortages started to become a national concern. Consumers were clamoring for fuel-efficient cars that were easy to insure. The car designers at Ford went back to design a more economical car that they hoped would provide the same appeal as previous models. 1973 was the last year that the Ford Mustang was built only original Falcon platform. The 1973 Mustang was the end of the line of the first generation of Mustangs.

I remember the days when I was a teenager and driving around in the 73 Mustang that my father gave me on my 16th birthday. It wasn’t new but it seemed like it to me at the time. With new-found freedom, and a part of muscle car history, I was proud to own that old Mustang. The girls came and went at my love for the Ford Mustang never left my heart. Unfortunately in 1989, I sold that old car. It’s a many years of wear and tear from my wild teenage years. Today, I wished I had taken a little better care of that old classic muscle car. I guess it is kind of like the kids from the 1950s that had their Mickey Mantle baseball card thrown out by their mother, except that did this to myself. I haven’t quite seen a 1973 Mustang that looks exactly like mine, but that won’t stop me from looking. The car is forever in my heart.

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