by Sam Hannsen

Rancho Shock and a Half is the newest offering from Rancho suspension. Every seasoned off-roader and 4WD enthusiast is well aware of Rancho’s annual Buy 3 get 1 Free offer that takes place every spring. In fact, it just wouldn’t be spring without it!

With the release and success of their quickLIFT line of lift shocks, many customers aren’t buying their shocks in sets of four anymore because most quickLIFTS are for the front of the vehicle only. This poses a problem because if you didn’t have a reason to buy four new shocks, then the Buy 3 Get 1 Free campaign did no good for you.

Everyone else got to save money with a “free” shock, while the others were left out in the cold paying full price for two shocks.

The top-dogs at Rancho wanted to do something for everyone so they came up with an offer that’s fair for all and it works like this. If you buy two Rancho shocks, then you get one of them for half price. If you buy four Rancho shocks, then you get two of them for half price.

Now, if you can work a few numbers in your head you’ll see that you’re still getting one free shock and paying only for three. And the people buying only two shocks still get a rebate as well.

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