by Byron Jonas

Suiting up for a big race day is an exciting moment. You already start to play the race out in your mind, what might happen and how you’ll fare. No daydream is complete without imagining yourself being handed the winner’s trophy and having your photo taken. You want to make sure all of your racing gear and accessories point you toward one goal: victory. At the same time, you want to look good doing it.

GMP Racing Products will set you up with the best in race gear and accessories. Whether it’s brand names on sale or hard-to-find accessories, GMP supplies the gear used by racing champions all over the globe.

Your choice in race boots should fall back mostly on functionality. When you’re in the car, you don’t want anything to interfere with acceleration or braking. It could mean the difference between first place and a losing position. Consequently, you want your toes to have flexibility within your boots and the boot bottoms themselves to have extraordinary grip potential. At the same time, you don’t want a thick bottom to slow your reaction time.

A sterling option in race boots from GMP are the Sabelt Street Boots. This Mid Boot style keeps its grip and offers an excellent balance of fashion and performance. Equipped with suede vamps and a featherweight sole, the Sabelt Street boot will match the color of any racing suit. There is no cut out in the boot’s rear, while the ankle strap made with Velcro fastening allows for custom tightening. All FIA regulations are met by these Sabelt boots.

When you choose a Sabelt race boot, you are choosing a brand known for innovation and style. Sabelt boots are treated with Scotchguard, making them water repellant and impervious to grease and dirt. At the same time, they allow a driver’s foot to breathe. Sabelt’s engineers continue to look for ways to improve their race boots.

GMP Racing is always featuring top race boots on sale, making the choice easy when you’re looking to find value and quality in one place. Step 2 Boots by Sabelt, the hi-tops found in winning cars, are offered at discount prices on GMP’s website.

For superior protection and precision handling in your car. check out the FIA 2000 race boots, manufactured by GMP Racing. Fireproof and offering plenty of ankle support, drivers stay protected while keeping their grip on the pedal without a second thought. The rubber soles, crafted from synthetic materials, are designed to stop slipping and will not be affected even if your shoes are wet. Velcro ankle straps anchor the boots, which have leather backs to limit wasted movements.

GMP also offers hi-top boots with nomex lining and adjustable ankle straps for maximum comfort and performance. Expect plenty of pedal control, safety and FIA approval, but don’t expect a high price.

Customized racing gear is happily delivered by GMP Racing, whether it’s the sponsor’s logo or the driver’s name going on apparel. GMP is Australia’s place for motor-sport shopping.

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