If you live in a hot sunny climate, you will know how painful it is getting into a car or truck that’s been standing in the sun for some time. Even while driving, the sun’s rays beat down on the car, making you and your passengers very uncomfortable. You can reduce this heat considerably with window tinting.

Most modern cars are fitted with air conditioning. But the air conditioner cannot function effectively in extreme heat, particularly if the car is sweltering when the air con is switched on. Tinted windows can stop a considerable amount of searing UV rays from entering your car.

Before going ahead with tinting, get clarification that your county or city permits window tinting. If so, find out what percentage of darkness is allowed. The tinting of windows is not permitted in certain countries. In the USA, a private vehicle is permitted to have a 20% tint, while vehicles used for commercial purposes are allowed a 30% tint.

People choose to have the windows tinted on their cars for a number of reasons. Many people, especially young drivers, just like the look of tinted windows for the ‘cool’ image they think it portrays. Tinted windows also give the driver better visibility.

Many people have their car windows tinted to deter potential criminals. Would-be robbers or hi-jackers will not going to be too brave if they can’t see the number of people traveling in the vehicle. But the most practical reason for tinting is to keep vehicles cooler.

Another advantage of tinting is that the substance applied actually holds the glass together. So in the event of a collision, or damage caused while driving in a nasty storm, the window glass will not shatter. This is another deterrent to criminals because they cannot break a clean hole in the glass.

During the tinting process, a thin film of translucent, waterproof plastic is applied to each window. Many home-owners are tinting certain windows in their homes. Tinted windows offer good insulation and will keep your home much cooler.

The material used in tinting contains deflective properties. So during summer, heat is actually pushed away from the windows. The material is also able to absorb heat in cold weather so during winter your home will be a lot warmer. The tinted windows in your home will also protect your furniture and other expensive equipment like TVs, computers and sound systems.

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