Chevy Z71 trucks and SUVs are a great asset to the off road driver. They have always been durable and capable trucks, but with addition of the Z71 package they have become exceptional performers. The Z71 package can be ordered on the Silverado, Tahoe, Tahoe Hybrid and Avalanche. The majority of trucks and SUVs today never leave the pavement with exception of a dirt driveway or a construction site. The Z71 package is geared more towards the off road enthusiast.

The basic SUV models come with a 5.3 liter 320 horsepower V8 engine, six speed automatic transmission and available four wheel drive. The trucks start with a 4.3 liter 195 horsepower V6, with a four speed automatic transmission, also with available four wheel drive. While these four wheel drive systems are adequate they are not for the serious off road enthusiasts.

What makes this package so great is the high pressure shocks and eighteen inch wheels wrapped with an aggressive tire meant to go off road. You can also maintain good on-road manners with this package too. It also has an automatic locking rear differential.

Locking is the term meaning both rear tires receive equal torque. This is very helpful if one tire is on ice or if one tire loses contact with the ground. High pressure shocks help maintain the wheels contact with the ground. The tires have a more aggressive cross tread design. This is a must for off road driving.

In addition to all of these benefits there is more. The Z71 package also comes with a skid plate package to help protect vital components such as the engine, transmission, transfer case and fuel tank. If your truck or SUV should happen to bottom out these skid plates will help avoid costly damage. The package also adds tubular side step for easy entry and to protect the rocker panels, extra chrome pieces, fog lights, extra wide fender flares and Z71 badging.

You also get badging for the interior of the vehicle as well. It will have brushed metal work that you will have on your dash and badging that shows you have a Z71 package in your vehicle. This goes on the interior and the outside of your truck or SUV it is installed in.

If you are serious about driving off road, the Chevy Z71 trucks and SUVs package is a must for your Chevy truck or SUV. Even if you don’t plan on a lot of off road driving, if you have the Z71 package, you know that you could venture off the pavement any time you wanted. Anyone else would know that you could too.

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