For many of us, our car is a prized possession that we would like to keep shining and in excellent condition, for a long time. If you are one such person and wish to take great care of your car, then along with regular maintenance, regular car washes are necessary too.

All it takes for a good self car wash is the right accessories and a few easy to follow steps as mentioned below. You can begin by hosing down your car to get rid of the layer of dust and grime from its surface. The next step involves soaping the roof with a quality brand of car wash soap.

It is advisable not to use the detergents from the kitchen, even if they work well with all your greasy utensils. They can be abrasive for the surface coating and hence, can steal the glimmer from your vehicle and make it look old. There is a big range of car shampoos available in the stores, but you must choose only the best ones.

The sponge that you are using must be quite clean and not very used up, otherwise your vehicle will become dirtier with additional grime from the sponge. It is also advisable to use micro fibre mitts to clean your car surface, so that the gloss remains intact.

Once you have cleaned the roof, you can now go to the hood, the back and the sides, in the same order and repeat the process. After you are certain that you have cleaned the car to your heart’s content, use the hose once again to wash off the vehicle thoroughly. After this, your car still needs a little more to be done to sparkle and shine again.

Letting your car stand in direct sunlight after a hose down will cause water marks to be left on the surface. Hence, you should rub it with a chamois leather to make sure of the perfect gleam and a fresh look.

The result of your efforts is certain to be a shiny looking car and great satisfaction from all the hard work and its outcome.

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