Osram is one of the top companies for car headlight products. Their products are used as standard options at several of the top car manufacturers. There are more options than just the standard range, which includes a 12 volt headlamp bulb. Drivers who want to increase the light or style of their headlights can choose from Osram’s upgrade products.

There are three improved styles for the headlight bulbs. These are Osram Silver Star, Osram Cool Blue, and Osram Night Breaker. Each of these bulbs has been determined as legal for the road and has the European testing standards E1 branding. These lights are designed to replace the standard equipment, thus they fit directly into the connectors and holders without need for a tool or modification.

Before using any of the three: Silver Star, Cool Blue, or Night Breaker, you will need to find out which bulbs you have in your vehicle. This information can be found in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. You may also use Google to search for information by using “Car Bulbs Finders” in the search box. Many of the retailers of headlight bulbs list information online in an interactive site to help guide you.

Osram Cool Blue has been designed for a driver who wants a different look for their car. The Cool Blue design has blue tinted glass that provides a blue light a lot like the xenon bulbs.

With the Osram Cool Blue you will need to understand the ECE rules. There are limits to the amount of blue tint you can have on a headlight bulb. Osram ensures that their Cool Blue is within that limit. In fact it is the darkest street legal light you can have for your car.

The Osram Silverstar bulbs are tailored to improve a drivers night time visibility, and is a considerable improvement over the standard halogen headlight bulbs. Crucially the Osram Silverstar is designed to produced 50% more light onto the road, especially in the 50 to 75 meter range therefore enabling a driver to react earlier to hazards, road signs and potential obstacles.

The Osram Night Breaker is considered the flagship of bulbs due to the pressurised xenon gas construction. There is also a different filament construction to the bulb helping to emit more light. In fact the Night Breaker has 90 percent more light and 35 metres more distance than halogen for night driving. The light emitted is 10 percent clearer.

If you are a keen driver and want maximum visibility and performance from your headlight bulbs then the Osram Night Breaker makes an excellent choice.

By choosing the upgraded lights like Osram Cool Blue, Silver Star, or Night Breaker you will have better night driving safety and lights that fit your needs.

If you want to maximise the light from your headlights you should upgrade to Xenon Bulbs, which produce nearly twice as much light as ordinary halogen bulbs. Modern xenon bulbs, like the Osram Night Breaker range, will transform your car lights to make night driving a more pleasurable experience.