A hybrid is a vehicle that gets its energy power from two different sources, and a moped is a fine example of it. It has a small petrol engine, and pedals. The petrol engine and the pedal power from the rider provide the power to it in two ways. You can see diesel electric buses as well as submarines in some cities.

Hybrids have been in use for a long time now. The automobile industry has also turned to using this technology in cars. With rising fuel costs and growing green house gas emissions, carmakers are turning to hybrid technology. In cars, the most popular hybrid technology being used is petrol-electric. A petrol engine and an electric motor power the car.

Automakers have to chosen power sources from different ways in their hybrid automobiles. Parallel hybrids and series hybrids are those in which the gasoline engine and electric motor are commonly used by combining them. There is a petrol engine, and an electric motor in a parallel hybrid, and both independently provide power to the transmission that turns the wheels of the car.

Fuel is used to feed the gasoline engine, and batteries for the electric motor. In a series of hybrid, the petrol engine is used to charge the batteries, which in turn drive the electric motor. The electric motor provides power to the transmission that propels the car. The parallel technology is more commonly used in cars.

The engine of a hybrid car is smaller, and lighter than that of conventional cars. Therefore, the fuel consumption is less, and so are the emissions. The lighter and smaller engine in a hybrid car achieves the same performance of a similar car with the help of the electric motor. When extra power is required, the electric motor provides that power.

When the hybrid cars travel below thirty miles an hour, then these cars uses only the electric motor for power. The petrol engine starts up and provides the power when the accelerator is pressed for more power. The electric motor acts as a generator, and charges the batteries when the car coasts, brakes, or stopped at a traffic light. Start/stop technology is also used in some hybrid cars, which mean that when the car is stationary, the petrol engine is switched off.

Advanced aerodynamics is used in hybrid cars to reduce drag, and these are lighter in weight. In order to reduce drag, low rolling resistance tyres are used in hybrid cars. As compared to the conventional tires, these tyres are inflated to a higher pressure, and are stiffer, and these reduce their drag. To reduce the weight of the car, lightweight materials are used. Car manufacturers are using carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the car.

In order to reduce the weight, aluminium, and magnesium is also used. As more and more people are buying hybrids, these cars are selling well. There is no reduction in performance of hybrid cars, and these consume less fuel. Hybrid technology is going to be adopted by almost all car manufacturers in some of their cars.

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