Sure, the Toyota recalls have spooked some consumer confidence when it comes to that particular brand. There’s no doubt that things have not been looking good for Japan’s biggest car manufacturer, but at the same time that they are finally getting their act together, there are many other Japanese used vehicles to consider.

#5: Honda.

The second in the Japanese ‘big 3’, Honda is plowing ahead with its motorcycle division and a solid if not awe-inspiring line of cars for this coming decade. They consistently score high in quality rankings and their prices on Japanese used vehicles are always quite solid.

#4: Nissan.

The other one of Japan’s “big 3” (as opposed to the American big 3), Nissan has been slightly out of the spotlight during all this recent news, having cut some jobs recently as they suffer under decreased demand. But their cars – some of the best Japanese used vehicles around – still get great resale prices..

#3: Mazda.

While Mazda had a deal with Ford going back into the 1990s, it didn’t affect them terribly when Ford hit upon some seriously hard times during the crisis. While they aren’t seeing the massive sales numbers they probably want, their Japanese cars are still plenty respectable.

#2: Suzuki.

Don’t count out the underdogs – while they aren’t known as being one of the big 3, either (and probably aren’t even in the top 5), Suzuki has been steadily plugging along even despite the crisis in auto sales. Their Japanese used cars are nothing to sneeze at.

#1: Subaru.

Possibly the most forward-looking company on the list, Subaru is often ignored because of their smaller size, and the fact that they are a subsidiary (of Fuji), rather than a big single company in their own right. But with their hybrid and electric vehicles, you could find yourself, down at a Japanese used car exporter, asking for a Subaru – sooner than you think.

No matter which requirements you have when choosing a car – Japan used cars will satisfy your needs! Be sure to check if your Japanese used car exporter is Certified by the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association. If yes, you can expect not only a wide range of cars to choose from, but also very competitive prices and great customer support.