The market research and brand image analysis of various cars available in the market has proved that pony cars are still highly preferred by a thick consumer base. This analysis was given a concrete shape when 2007 Ford Mustang model was launched by the company. The new model is similar in its style to the already launched model in 2005; however, a visible difference is the changed shape of rear suspension which could absorb shocks as never before. Competitor analysis of 2007 Ford Mustang identifies that not one competitor is equipped with enough resources and brand loyalty, so as to launch a car in order to grab 2007 Ford Mustang’s customers. The car is definitely a worth purchase because it not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

This new 2007 Ford Mustang has been able to set new performance parameters. A lot of striking features have been installed in the car, which make it the first choice of the target market. The company wants to keep its entire customer base happy; therefore, they launched two models V6 and GT with deluxe or premium sub-models. Each model has been tailored as per the needs of different customer segments ranging from ardent music lovers to oldies and even sporty and adventurous youth. To initiate with the review, it is appropriate to mention that both the models are launched with great performing engine. The V6 has 210horsepower engine which has a capacity of 4lt and GT model is launched with V8 engine that has a capacity of 4.6lt. The remarkable feature about these cars is the ability to speed from 0 to 60mph in 5 to 6 seconds. This is due to the excellent speed transmission technology installed in the car.

The launch strategy of 2007 Ford Mustang has been a very wisely planned action. It made sure that the new launch must not let any customer segment untouched. Therefore, they introduced many different packages for their model so that all could have the new 2007 Ford Mustang as per their affordability and requirement. In this regard, along with deluxe and premium packages, they also introduced standard and pony packages. The standard package has the standard features of a Ford Mustang. Whereas, the pony package is targeted to sports loving, fast riders who would prefer to have a car with suspension system tuned in for their fast rides, fog lamps so that they can drive any weather and 17inch wheels.

The deluxe package V6 of 2007 Ford Mustang is launched with alloy wheels and numerous options which the owner can opt for, as per his/her need. Thus Ford has also kept in mind that customization makes the customers feel special and more satisfied. The premium package of V6 is targeted to music lovers who cannot imagine driving without good quality music. They have installed in Shaker 500 music system along with a CD changer. The GT deluxe is similar to V6 deluxe except for it having antilock braking system and a sporty looking interior. The premium model of GT is an advanced version of V6 premium because it has Shaker 1000 stereo system and extremely lavish leather interior installed in it.

The models accelerations differ because of V6 and V8 engines in V6 and GT models respectively. But this difference does not hold much value when the fuel consumption aspect is taken into account. 2007 Ford Mustang is a remarkable launch in the car industry primarily because of its extremely efficient fuel consumption system. For city it is 19mpg and on highway it is 28mpg which is mind-blowing. It can verifiably be said that, 2007 Ford Mustang is a must have if you are one those who want to enjoy pleasure without pain!

Ford has taken all the aspects into account that can let them have brand loyal for decades to come. Therefore, along with providing the car with striking technical features, they ensured that customer post-purchase experience is delightful too. Hence, they manufactured the model in such a manner that it would not require the user to spend loads of time and money on its maintenance work. And this is a very wise step taken by the company because, a lot of times customer do not get involved in purchasing high end products of the same brand because they did not have a satisfying experience after their last purchase. Finally, it is prudent to conclude that 2007 Ford Mustang is a gem of a car which signifies a perfect blend of luxury, contentment and economical budget.

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