Maintaining your tyres is critical for safe driving. Checking your tyres regularly and addressing any issues will protect other road users, your passengers and yourself from harm. Poorly maintained tyres adversely affects the handling of a car, in particular in an emergency or high-speed situation. Wrongly inflated tyres or worn tyres are a factor in 20% of all road accidents.

Just making sure that your tyres have the correct pressure in them can reduce tyre wear, improve fuel efficiently and make your vehicle safer to drive. Having the wrong amount of air in your tyres can lead to a blow out, which in turn often leads to a serious accident. Think how you would feel if someone lost their life, because you did not take 5 minutes out of your week to check your tyre pressures.

Worldwide, 27% of vehicles are driven with the wrong level of air in at least one of the tyres. Having the wrong pressure in your tyres could lead to your insurance being reluctant to pay out in the case of an accident, or in some parts of the world to your being heavily fined or prosecuted.

Check your tyre pressures on a weekly basis. If you carry out your checks at your local petrol station, you will know that the check is accurate, and easily be able to add the necessary air at the same time as carrying out your check. The correct tyre pressures for your car can be found in your owner’s manual or on the vehicle’s ID plate. As well as checking your tyre pressures, check the depth of your tyre tread.

It is now possible to buy a set of sensors that can monitor your tyre pressures for you. You get a sensor for each tyre, which you have to get installed inside the tyre. The sensor monitors the temperature and air pressure inside the tyre and warns you via Wi-Fi if the tyre gets too hot or needs more air. These sensors do not cost a lot of money, but could one day save your life.

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