Good cars do not come cheap. Money spent on a car is generally next only to the investment that you make in a house. Cars, hence, require proper care and maintenance for prolonged life. The maintenance exercise for a car is a complex and exhausting process. A car can stay in perfect operational condition only if every part of it is serviced properly, that is from its engine to the tires and from its shiny exteriors to the cushioned seats.

The outer appearance of a car often reveals how fit it is and the extent to which you have looked after it. Hence no car upkeep process is over without car polishing.

Foaming pads, which are made use of to apply polish to the cars, come in three varieties – convex, concave and the waffle. These pads are designed in order to draw the car polish towards their centre, and therefore paint when used does not splash irregularly.

The car must go through a thorough wash before it is polished. . The car should be washed only with cleaning agents specifically made for the purpose. Car polishing should be followed by the application of a layer of wax that acts as a preserving covering on the surface.

Car polishing and waxing, besides giving a gleaming interior, also prevent corrosion of the car body. With these two coatings, the car is guarded from moisture and its damaging effects. The exposed parts of your car’s body are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of rusting, and hence scratches, no matter how minor, must be covered up by paint.

Car polishing is an art, which involves much detailing to get that perfect texture and gloss for a car. Hence it is important to call in experts for this activity.

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