by Andy Zain

The Chevy Astro was one of the most popular minivans on the market for a long period of time. Its inception began in 1985 and it grew to be one of the most popular models from Chevrolet, directly competing with a number of other popular minivans that were on the market at the same time. The production of these fans continued until the year 2005, but for a number of reasons, the minivan still remain popular, especially a second-hand models since they are rather cheap these days.

During the lifespan of this particular range of vehicles, things were somewhat different in many respects to how they are today. Firstly, minivans were considered to be crude utility vehicles with little emphasis on comfort and extra features that you would normally expect in a family vehicle.

Driving and handling the Chevy Astro was a surprisingly pleasant experience however, and in some respects, this particular model did start to mark the beginning of a new era of more comfortable minivans with more features than people would normally expect of the time.

However, the Chevy Astro always for filled the basic requirements, and remained a decent and respectable product. It also has a large amount of storage space but this varies a little with the model. Nonetheless, the rear seats could be removed, allowing the storage of up to 170 cubic feet. Certain models could also accommodate its passengers in the back.

The final, 2005 version of the Chevrolet Astro was a major redesign, boasting a 4. 3 l V6 engine which eventually became standard.

For those who need a reliable minivan to get around and transport large quantities of things, one can pick up a Chevrolet Astro from around 1990 for about $1000. Nonetheless, the latest models from 2005 may cost up to 10 times that, but then they do have a lot of extra features and an enhanced record of safety and reliability.

Over its lifespan, the Chevrolet Astro has not changed a great deal although there have been some fairly noteworthy developments during the history of this product. Most of these developments have improved safety and reliability and there have been certain aspects of redesigning with regards to the interior and exterior.

The 1995 redesign also gave the Astro and improved and more modern look, especially with regards to the exterior. The next year spread of this facelift into the interior as well, bringing a new dashboard with some improved controls and an abundance of extra features.

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