by Melody Quinney

There are so many things that are offered to us to place in or outside of our car that we are told we need to have. I’ve never looked at window deflectors as a need until I got them and saw the difference they make for myself. Window deflectors actually have improved my driving experience.

For those of you who hate sitting in a stifling or stuffy car and like to roll the windows down once in a while, wind deflectors are a must have item for you. Whether you own a convertible, a jeep, or just enjoy keeping the windows and sunroof open, here a few reasons why wind deflectors are a necessity for your car.

Wind deflectors help prevent the noise of the oncoming wind from entering the car. They actually reduce the noise even with your windows down.

Another reason why I’ll roll my window back up so quickly is because I hate how the wind will come in and whip and tangle my hair. Wind deflectors actually solve this problem too. You never have to worry about lose items being tossed in the wind, or the oncoming air hitting your face.

Another thing that can prevent you from rolling down the window can be the weather. If it is raining outside, usually we keep the windows up because we don’t want the rain to enter the vehicle. With wind deflectors you wont have to worry about either because it will prevent the oncoming rain from entering the car.

Your heater and air conditioner can actually work better thanks to wind deflectors. Your wind deflectors will allow you to roll down your windows in any weather and let stale air out of your vehicles. This will help your heater or air conditioner do it’s job easier, as well as get rid of windshield fogging.

You have mainly two different options for a wind deflector; they are the tape-on, and the in-channel. It’s important to note that the in-channel doesn’t work for all vehicles, but it stays onto the car by getting tucked into the window channel. The tape-on works well and looks good on your car and attaches using an adhesive tape.

I can guarantee that once you have tried wind deflectors and have seen the difference you, like so many others, will never go back to not having them. They are a must for every car.

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